30 Days / 30 Tools

Given the times of social distancing that we are all currently living in, we know that many of you are spending more time at home than planned. With some unexpected extra time on your hands, you may be shifting priorities and looking to start your next DIY project. As a company that is proud to represent the spirit of America, we want you to know that we are here to support you and help you find the perfect tools to tackle any upgrade, fix, or expansion projects – desired or necessary!

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Each day over the next 30 days, we will share a #MyMayhew tool of choice (30 Days / 30 Tools) so you can learn more about the high-quality products we have been manufacturing in Turners Falls, MA since 1856. You can find the right tools for any project, and who knows, perhaps you’ll see a tool that will inspire your next project! Known for true American craftsmanship, Mayhew forges the highest quality tools from the finest materials, designed to stand the test of time.

We encourage you to share which Mayhew Tools are in your toolbox! Share your DIY projects and Mayhew Tools on social media, using the hashtag #MyMayhew.

Ideal for quickly lifting and extracting door panels and molding rivet fasteners without damage, the 4 PC ProGrip Trim Tool Set (part number 13077), provides necessary leverage in close-quarters to position, retrieve, remove parts, or easily maneuver around obstacles that otherwise would be troublesome. This includes: removing O-rings, springs, and spacers, as well as separating radiator, heater, vacuum, or other transmission lines/hoses from their fittings. More information here.

The Dominator® curved pry bars offer a best-in-class tri-lobular handle design that are both two-composite and ergonomic. The shaft runs through the handle to capped end providing high-performance and durability when striking tool end. Ideal for any lifting or prying applications and available with curved or straight blade. Black oxide finish provides strength and durability. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty. Explore the complete line-up on Dominator Pry Bars here.

The 6PC ProGrip Trim Tool Set (part # 13078): Often referred to as ‘panel poppers’, these specifically designed U and V shaped trim tools are ideal for removing different style retaining clips depending on their size without damaging the trim or panel, the angled head giving it better leverage. This piece set also comes with rolling head tools, which provide the ability to get into tight spots, such as door jams, where you can’t necessarily fit a straight tool. Lifetime warranty. More information here.

The Mayhew Bestway premium grip 11-in-1 multi-bit screwdrivers provide an exceptional comfort fit in your hand and their easy to change bits are made from the highest quality tool steel. Philips #1 and 2, Slotted 3/16 and 1/4, Square #1 and #2, Torx T15 and T20, Nut driver ¼”, 5/16.  Check out the complete Mayhew Bestway catalog here

Absorb the shock and protect against misplaced hammer blows with Mayhew’s handguarded chisel. The cutting edge of the ¾” by 12” handguarded chisel is angle designed to provide greater strength and a better cut. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit any application. Shot-blasted finish to increase durability. Get more on Mayhew’s Handguarded Chisels here

Easily remove door hinge pins, with Mayhew’s Hammerless Tools’ Hinge Pin Remover, part #17360.  Explore complete line of Hammerless Tools here

Three replaceable tip hammer lengths for pneumatic zip guns. Features six interchangeable tips -three metal tips (steel, brass and aluminum) and three plastic tips (soft, medium vinyl and hard nylon). Quick-change threaded replaceable tip design saves time and allows worn out or damaged tips to be easily replaced. Get more here.

This set includes a combination of some of the most popular Mayhew punches and chisels. All made with US tool steel 6150 chrome vanadium, with a black oxide finish to help deter rust. A good general purpose kit for cutting, driving, and aligning. All tools come in a non-slip grip convenient pouch, easy to-store and access. Get more here.

This adaptable lighted magnetic inspection tool features a 2” attachable glass mirror. Its pivoting ball joint allows for multiple viewing angles and its telescoping stainless steel handle extends 9” to 30”. 3 lb magnet – 5 lumens per LED. Get more here.

Time on your hands to tackle a bigger spring project like re-building your deck? Mayhew’s deck wrecker is specially designed for maximum leverage to help in detaching boards of decking material. Powder coated finish for additional rust protection. Get more here.

The Mayhew Bestway 4-in-1 multi-bit screwdriver has 4 bits made from the highest quality tool steel, 6150 material. Philips #1 and #2, slotted 3/16 and 1/4.  Check out the complete Mayhew Bestway catalog here.

Used in demolition for pulling, prying and removing nails from hardwood with minimal damage done to the wood. Mayhew’s Gooseneck Wrecking Bars are available in many sizes for the correct application. A powder coating is added to help deter rust. Made in the USA. Get more here.

This 11PC Titanium Coated, Low Profile, Dual Drive Torx® bit set features a wide range of sizes giving you the ability to fasten or unfasten the most common Torx screws popular in the automotive, industrial and construction markets. More information here.

The 4PC Dominator Scraper Set, part number 14082. These carbon scrapers are used for removing gaskets, rust, paint, carbon buildup, and floor tile. The capped metal end is in direct contact with the tempered steel shaft and the NEW patented, two-composite ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable and secure grip. Various sizes for those hard to reach places. Learn more here.

Easy to carry, go anywhere 7-in-1 Multi-Function LED Utility knife features, two screwdriver bits, saw blade, box cutter, knife blade, LED flashlight and ruler. You won’t want to leave home without it. More information here.

The new 10PC Phillips® Titanium Coated, Low Profile, Dual Drive bit set featuring S2 Tool Steel bits in a wide range of common Phillips sizes. Add in the low profile design, titanium coating for enhanced strength and durability and a convenient color coded storage rail and users are spared both time and money. More information here.

Consisting of 4 individual picks, including a straight pick, hook pick, 90° bend pick, and dual angle pick, the specialty tools prove ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as automotive and electrical work in confined spaces, scribing lines, O-ring and cotter pin removal, hooking up springs and to break radiator connections. Made in USA, backed by a lifetime warranty.  Learn more here.

This 100 PC Bit Set includes storage case and contains a variety of bits for increased versatility. Insert bits work with magnetic and non-magnetic drivers. Both bit and storage case are marked with size for easy organization. Tool steel bits are the highest quality and their blast finish increases bit grip on fastener and rust preventative dip increases tool life.  Check out the complete Mayhew Bestway catalog here: More information here.

The 13-in-1 Multi-Tool features many common tools in one with a safe opening and closing mechanism and nylon pouch for durable storage while carrying. From pliers to wire cutters, bits, a rechargeable LED light and more.  More information here.

The Ladyfoot Pry Bars are ideal for confined locations with their rocking head for prying in small areas and pointed end for alignment. Superior durability from the solid forged head with additional rust protection from the black oxide finish. Available in various lengths and Made in the USA. Learn More here.

The 33 PC Bit Set comes complete with a storage case. Contains a variety of bits for increased versatility and each bit is marked with size. The blast finish increases bit grip on fastener and rust preventative dip increases tool life. Includes magnetic bit holder for use with screw drill. Check out the complete Mayhew Bestway catalog here.

Part of our ProPneumatics product line, our 4 PC Long Mix Set features standard .401 Turn Type Parker Shanks for air guns. Fully hardened and tempered shock resistant tool steel with a black oxide finish to prevent corrosion. Made in USA and Lifetime Warranty. More information here.

This 10PC Titanium Coated, Low Profile, SAE Hex Dual Drive Set comes with 10 bits made from S2 Tool Steel with Proprietary Heat Treat for superior strength and durability. Bit sizes include 1/8″, 5/32″, 9/64″, 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″  Learn more here.

Removing broken studs and bolts is a breeze with these precision-machined tips allowing for an exact fit and blast finished chrome vanadium spiral steel for extra strength and durability. Made in USA. Check out the complete Mayhew Bestway catalog here.

This non-marring/non-sparking, brass pilot punch set will not damage harder steel materials and comes with a knurled handle for a more secure grip. Contains a 1/16-inch pilot punch, 5/64-inch pilot punch, 3/32-inch pilot punch, 1/8-inch pilot punch, 5/32-inch pilot punch, and a 3/16-inch pilot punch, 1/4-inch pilot punch, 5/16-inch pilot punch, and a 3/8-inch pilot punch. For use in aligning steel, to car repairs, gun smithing, and oil, gas, chemical and/or mining applications.  Made in USA  Learn more here.

The 8PC Triple Square, Low Profile, Titanium Coated, Dual Drive Bit Set allows the bit to be driven by a Ratchet, Socket Spinner, Box or Open End Wrench  Components include: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14MM bits made from S2 Tool Steel with Proprietary Heat Treat for strength and durability with a titanium coating for added wear resistance and rust prevention. More information here.

Mayhew™ Tools Catspaw line features this 10lb capacity Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet with a telescoping stainless steel handle that extends from 6-1/4″ to 30-1/4″. The cushioned handle provides a secure grip under the toughest work environments and features a removable pocket clip. The magnet slide ring helps prevent side pull. More information here.

Hollow Punches are used to create precise gaskets and washers in softer materials, like cloth, vinyl, leather, light sheet metal, and gasket metal. The dual cutting heads allow for punching concentric circles in one strike. This 10PC set contains: Handle for MED Hollow Punch, 1/8″ Hollow Punch, 3/16″ Hollow Punch, 1/4″ Hollow Punch, 5/16″ Hollow Punch, 3/8″ Hollow Punch, 5/32″ Hollow Punch, 7/32″ Hollow Punch, 9/32″ Hollow Punch, 11/32″ Hollow Punch. More information here.

Unique Dual Drive design allows the bit to be driven by a Ratchet, Socket Spinner, Box or Open End Wrench.  The low profile design makes it great to use in tight spaces. Bits made from S2 Tool Steel with Proprietary Heat Treat for durability and strength and Titanium coated for maximum wear resistance and rust prevention. 11PC set contains: 2MM, 2.5MM, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, 7MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 13MM  Get more here.

This 4PC O-Ring Removal Set consists of a Pick-Mini Compound Bend Pro, Pick-Mini Long Comp Bend Pro, Pick-45 Deg Bend Pro, Pick-Compound Bend Pro. Made in USA. More information here.