69151 – 3 PC Jimmy Bar Set

69151 – 3 PC Jimmy Bar Set

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69151 – 3PC Jimmy Bar Set No Case

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Product Specifications

Mayhews 3 PC Jimmy Bar Set 69151, offers a new rolling head and alignment pry bars featuring two work ends that are preferred during vehicle assembly, disassembly and adjustment operations. Ideal for prying, positioning, lifting, and aligning applications that need greater leverage. When the job is done these specialty plated pry bars are easy to clean and ready for he next heavy duty project. While perfect for the automotive mechanic, Mayhew’s plated bars are also idealy suited for agriculture, mining, industrial, MRO, construction, oil and gas, rigging operations and more.

Item Description: 3 Pc Jimmy Bar Set
Weight: 5.455
Width: 5.750
Length: 27.250
Height: 1.750
Sold in Units of:
Blade Style:
Pin Length:
Cut Width or Point Size:
Taper Length: 0.000
Country of Origin: US
Regulation List:
Warranty: Lifetime
UPC Code: 045256691510


Item Description Weight Width Length Height Units of COO
49000 1/2″ X 15″ PLATED JIMMY BAR 0.660 15.500  1  US
49001 5/8″ X 19″ PLATED JIMMY BAR 1.275 19.000  1  US
49003 3/4″ X 25″ PLATED JIMMY BAR 2.525 25.000  1  US





If this Mayhew hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be replaced free of charge. Return product to original retailer for replacement.


FOR TWO YEARS from the date of purchase, if this MayhewSelect hand tool ever fails to provide satisfaction, it will replaced free of charge. Return product to original retailer with proof of purchase for replacement.


Warranties do not cover cables and cable assemblies, brass, hollow punches, lights, or batteries whic are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.

Two work ends.

Ideal for aligning applications that need greater leverage

Uses included Automotive, Agriculture, Mining, Construction and many more

Easy to clean

Made in the USA


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