60000 – 4 PC HD Dom Hook & Pick Set-RTL

60000 – 4 PC HD Dom Hook & Pick Set-RTL

Hooks and picks are used for numerous operations for automotive and electrical work, especially in tight spaces and for scribing lines, o- ring and cotter pin removal, and for breaking radiator connections. They are available in many shapes and angles for ultimate use. The thick steel shank ensures the operator with optimal power and the black oxide finish deters rust. Made in the USA .


Product Specifications

Item Description: 4 Pc HD Dominator Hook & Pick Set
Weight: 1.610
Width: 8.750
Length: 12.000
Height: 1.500
Sold in Units of:
Blade Style:
Pin Length:
Cut Width or Point Size: 0.000
Taper Length: 0.000
Country of Origin: US
Regulation List:
Warranty: Lifetime
UPC Code: 045256600000


Item Description Weight Width Length Height Units of COO
42000 Dominator HD Scratch AWL 0.350 8.000 10.250 2.000  1  US
42001 Dominator HD 90 Deg Hook 0.350 8.000 4.400 1.750  1  US
42002MAY Dominator HD Curved Hook 0.352 8.000 1.750  1  US
42003 Dominator HD Complex Hook 0.350 8.000 4.200 2.000  1  US





If this Mayhew hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be replaced free of charge. Return product to original retailer for replacement.


FOR TWO YEARS from the date of purchase, if this MayhewSelect hand tool ever fails to provide satisfaction, it will replaced free of charge. Return product to original retailer with proof of purchase for replacement.


Warranties do not cover cables and cable assemblies, brass, hollow punches, lights, or batteries whic are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.

60000 – 4 PC HD Dom Hook & Pick Set-RTL


  • Used for a wide variety of applications, such as automotive and electrical work in confined spaces, scribing lines, o-ring and cotter pin removal, and to break radiator connections
  • Made of larger shank steel for heavy-duty applications
  • Available in multiple shapes and angles for the perfect tool for the application
  • Made in the USA
  • Black oxide finish for additional rust protection
  • Set includes: Dominator HD Scratch Awl 42000, Dominator HD 90-degree Hook 42001, Dominator HD Curved Hook 42002MAY, and Dominator HD Complex Hook 42003