50572 – 38 mm Hollow Punch

50572 – 38 mm Hollow Punch

Hollow Punches are used to create precise gaskets and washers in softer materials, like cloth, vinyl, leather, light sheet metal, and gasket metal. Many sizes, kits, handles, and mandrels are available for extensive configurations. The dual cutting heads also allow for punching concentric circles in one strike.

Product Specifications

Item Description: FRANCE
Weight: 0.154
Width: 0.000
Length: 0.000
Height: 0.000
Sold in Units of: 1
Blade Style:
Pin Length:
Cut Width or Point Size: 0.000
Taper Length: 0.000
Country of Origin: FR
Regulation List:
Warranty: Lifetime
UPC Code: 045256505725

Made in France.

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