Britt Gagne

Mayhew Tools Sponsors Britt Gagne

Mayhew Tools is thrilled to sponsor Britt Gagne for the second year in a row, this time as she races in the Triple Crown Series. Britt formerly raced as part of the SGB Racing Team. Since parting ways with SGB, she has spent time at a training facility in Georgia, getting expert coaching, loads of time on the bike, and gearing up for the 2021 Triple Crown Series.


Originally from New Hampshire, Britt grew up racing with her parents and younger brother. She has 17 years racing experience under her belt, 12 of which she has held a professional women’s license between the United States and Canada. Britt has spent the last few years racing across both the United States and Canada. She has been nationally ranked in Canada, and has placed within the top five every year she has attempted to run the national series. Britt has raced to 25+ championship wins in various organizations and states. In addition to a talent for and focus on racing, Britt is also very serious about her fitness off the bike and plans to compete, in some form, in the fitness industry in the future. 


June 19 Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
June 20 Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
June 26 Prairie Hill, Manitoba, Canada
June 27 Prairie Hill, Manitoba, Canada
July 4 Walton One, Ontario, Canada
July 11 Gopher Dunes, Ontario, Canada
July 18 Sand Del Lee, Ontario, Canada
July 25 Riverglade, New Brunswick, Canada
August 1 Deschambault, Quebec, Canada
August 15 Walton Two, Ontario, Canada
August 28 – 29 Racer X Event, Lyman, Maine
TBD Gatorback Cycle Park, Newberry, Florida

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