Alex Ensign

Alex Ensign

Senior Director of Engineering & Development
Front Tire Changer

Hometown: Warren, RI

Family Status: Single

Education: BSME University of Rhode Island

Day Job: Mechanical Engineer

Dream Job: Train Engineer or retirement

Hobbies: Home renovation projects, skiing and hiking.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese with ranch dressing

Favorite TV Show: Top Gear and The Grand Tour

Favorite Restaurant: Horse Feathers in North Conway

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Celtics

How did you get into racing: My uncle John was a crew chief for a Busch North team then we switched to modified. I started at 13.

Memorable Racing Moment: First ever win at Seekonk in 2008 at Open Wheel Wednesday. First NWMT Championship.

Career Highlights: Winning Spring Sizzler, Daytona Battle at the Beach win, 2016 Seekonk open win, 4 Championship.

Childhood Hero: Peyton Manning and he still is.