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ProGrip Hooks and Picks

ProGrip Hook and Pick Product Line

The new line is comprised of over 30 unique hooks and picks and 11 convenient sets all featuring Mayhew’s non-slip ProGrip handle

  • The new line includes tools and sets from miniature, to heavy-duty, and extra-long.
  • The varying lengths, shapes, and angle bends are uniquely designed for an array of industrial, automotive, and hardware applications.
  • All of the tools, including marking and hole-making picks, O-ring picks, trim tools, and hose picks, consist of an alloy steel shank with black oxide finish to deter rust and are made in the USA.

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Build a complete brass tool set with Mayhew’s newest line

  • New smooth, polished brass
  • New knurling for a secure grip
  • Scrapers are excellent for removing gaskets and seals
  • Non-marring & non-sparking

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Clamping System

More powerful clamping force with less effort

•  Totally sealed threads withstand high impact work environments including dust, oxidation, welding spatter
•  Serrated steel bar with high resistance braking system ensures precision clamping
•  Cast iron jaws and easily adapt able magnetic jaw set provide a secure grip for round, square or flat metal surfaces

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New Hose Clamp Pliers

Mayhew launches new line of Hose Clamp Pliers

  • Unique Jaw design fits clamps up to 2″ (51mm)
  • Extra-heavy duty 5/64″ (2mm) cable
  • Bi-material grips with snap feature
  • Easy to replace cable

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Line of Zinc Plated Pry Bars Introduced

Rolling Head and Alignment Pry Bars

  • Two work ends, Easy to clean
  • Ideal for aligning applications that need greater leverage
  • Uses included Automotive, Agriculture, Mining, Construction and many more

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